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Welcome to YouthZone! Your young people can learn how to reach their highest potential in Jesus in Genesis Children's & Youth Ministry! These are safe, fun & learning environments that will help prepare the next generation for a committed Christian life. 

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This month's video: "What's Sup"
Rubi Green
Guardians of Ancora
Do you know what it means to be saved?

Guardians of Ancora is a Free Bible Adventure Game

App for Kids. 

The game is full of fun and adventure and kids simply love the game play that challenges to bring the light back to the city of Ancora by recovering the stories of the Saga!

· Run, jump and climb your way through stories

· Explore the city of Ancora with quizzes and activities

· Complete challenges to collect firebugs and

unlock new areas

· Respond to stories by creating pictures, using stickers and making journal entries

· New videos and audio stories added each week

Kids will join the other Guardians of Ancora to protect the city, a place where light delivers goodness, peace and well-being. The light has been taken away from the city and your role is to bring it back, as you discover the truths that are held in the great stories of the Saga.


As kids complete the stories you will light the amazing Spire, bringing happiness to the world of Ancora. There are fun quizzes for kids to take on each story, as well as space to draw, create pictures or write about what you have found. The game therefore has plenty of fun and adventure for kids yet loaded

with learning and education.

Check back often for new games!
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