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Genesis Partner Services

The Genesis Partner Services Ministry is very important to us at The Genesis Church. Our goal is to respond to the holistic needs of the entire membership. These needs may be individual, family, congregational and/or communal. In an effort to demonstrate the love of Christ we endeavor to provide special proactive care for our family members to assist them in every aspect of their life.

Baby Dedications
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Baby dedications take place on the first Sunday of each month at the 10:30 am worship. Requests for baby dedications must be received at least one month in advance of the desired date. Click the link above or please email your dedication request to or call 832-649-5391.

Facility Requests
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Please click the link above and fill out ALL of the information on the form to the best of your ability. Thank you in advance.

*A usage fee will be assessed for all non Genesis ministry events.

Funerals &
Family 1st Ministry
PLEASE CALL 832-649-5391

The church provides comfort, aid, and support to members and their families after the loss of a loved one (i.e. spouse, children, parent). Facilities are available for funerals and repasses.  Please email your request to or call 832-649-5391 to ensure the home going service is in accordance with Genesis guidelines. There is no cost for Genesis partners.

Baptism is an great time to celebrate your relationship with Christ with family and friends! Acts 8:35-38. Baptism service, one of the ordinances of the church, is held on the third Sunday of each month during the 10:30 am worship. Click the link above to register for the next baptism.

Premarital Counseling
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The Genesis Church is delighted to provide the setting for your wedding. There is no cost for Genesis partners. If you are not a member, please contact us for fee information 832-649-5391. You may also email us at


Visitation Requests
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The Genesis Church Visitation Ministry is important because people matter to both God and to our church. We care, and want to remind you or your loved ones that they aren't forgotten.

We minister to the elderly, shut-ins, those living in nursing homes, the hospitalized, those who have had long periods of absence from their church home or those who are incarcerated prisoners. Click the link above or please email your visitation request to or call 832-649-5391.

Counseling Requests
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Genesis has prayerfully partnered with several Christian counseling organizations, and they are available to you for counseling services. After an initial Scriptural Guidance Session at Genesis, you will receive a referral and are then responsible for contacting them to scheduling your sessions. Payment will be made directly to the counseling organization. Click the link above or please email your counseling request to or call 832-649-5391.

Careers @
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Genesis looks for loyal, faithful, and active members with a wide variety of gifts and talents. If you feel like God is leading you to be a part of our ministry team and your skills match any of the open positions, complete the application for the position that you wish to apply. Due to the large number of employment applications we receive, we are able to contact only those candidates who have been selected for interviews. Please click the link above to apply.

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